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Elements Vitality Tincture Bottle

Vitality Supplement

with Ginseng & Rhodiola

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Elements Focus Tincture Bottle

Focus Supplement

with Schisandra & Blueberry

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Elements Calm Tincture Bottle

Calm Supplement

with Holy Basil & Wild Green Oat

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Elements Rest Tincture Bottle

with Ashwagandha & Passionflower

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Dual Packs

Includes an uplifting and unwinding tonic,
preparing you for the highs and lows of each day.

Elements Vitality & Rest Tincture Bottles

Vitality & Rest

Get Going | Sleep Soundly

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Elements Focus & Calm Tincture Bottles

Focus & Calm

Zone In | Breathe Deeply

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"There are a lot of products on the market making claims about the benefits of adaptogens. Elements is disrupting this space with a function-first mentality designed for real life - cutting through a category that can be otherwise daunting and misleading."

— Dr. Jonathan Leary
Concierge Wellness Doctor

"I recently started incorporating Elements into my routine and am noticing a huge difference (plus you know my love for adaptogens). They perfectly capture the various components of my day where I need support the most – high energy and concentration in the studio and much-needed downtime at the end of the day.”

— Kirsty Godso
Nike Master Trainer

"In my line of work, my body is my tool. I do everything I can to give it what it needs. Elements adaptogen drinks have given me the extra boost I need to keep my body balanced."

— Cam Newton
NFL Quarterback

"Leading an agency that prides ourselves on providing clarity and purpose, it is paramount that I myself can be efficient in my work. I noticed a change almost immediately and expect it to only get better in time."

— Ivan Kayser
Managing Parter at Redscout

"I can feel my stress level turn down… almost immediately. I drink Calm to clear my head during a massive project, or to chill out at the end of a long day. It makes me the most mellow, cool version of myself."

— Caitlin Bradley
Designer at leading creative agency

"My job and training schedule requires real attention to detail and drinking Focus has helped me get through long work days where I have to stay in the zone at every moment."

— Mubarak Malik
NY Knicks Director of Performance


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